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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
getting on and off the mower every stripe and a half?

one of the other posters is talking about a property with over two hours of just picking up trash… thats a lot of stopping in the middle of mowing.

If have a few commercial properties that have bundles of needles every spring….we blow most of the debris/trash into a corner, then rake needles into a pile, scoop with shovel/pitch fork into metal trash can.

That's how we treat most trash… hazardous.

during the summer with no leaves, yep we blow a lot of it into an obstacle like the dumpster bin, rake it into a big green barrel and dump it… way faster.

80% of our properties however, we are not 'technically' responsible for trash as per contract.
if I had 2.5 hour of trash picking, that would be brought up with the property manager… we'd either being billing extra or they would make sure it was policed up before we arrived to mow.
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In the spring time and fall you do clean ups that's extra The OP should know all the details of his contact
Sorry I just pick up as I mow To much time is wasted walking around with a blower or a rake trying pick up trash with out touching it with your hands Put some gloves on.
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