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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
2.5 hours of trash?? I guarantee my way is faster. you want to sit on the mower with a tiny little baggie and a grab stick and stop each time a chicken box is within reach, all the while stopping the mower and think that that is somehow quicker?

the grab stick is fine for a bit of trash here and there, and for a property this size…if we are talking about here and there trash…it's hardly worth considering extra hours worth of time for.
are you proposing to spend an hour or more of actual daylight picking bits of trash with that little grabby stick?

You go do that…no wonder you think something like this is going to take 4 hours just to mow!
Sorry but if you think your way faster good for you
I didn't say it take 4 hrs to mow his trimming is going be long part
I said he could burn 3-4 hrs

What takes him and what it takes me to mow is the difference .

He mowing with a slow mower to start with I mow with 3 mowers I use 3 trimmers I run 3 edger's and 3 blowers .

The size of the mower I would run on it 2 72'' and 1 60''.

So what I charge to mow it, I cant say since I don't know his overhead or I don't know his market.
From doing 4 complex's last few years range from 9 acres to 4.5 acres I seen my share of trash.
Worst place I seen trash is after a Football game at the School I mow that's only time I will walk and pick up beforehand that's extra hourly rate.
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