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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
yes there seems to be abig wild hog problem down here.. you can trap them and hunt them and it doesn't seem to dent them at all.. when I was in high school we used to hunt them almost every weekend never had any problems finding them that's for sure..

I think the pythons came from when Andrew hit Miami there was a python farm down there in davie that got destroyed and they got out and headed for the everglades Andrew hit back in the mid 90's so they had all this time to grow and breed now you got what we have now...

rics write there is a ton of land down there for them to hide in..

I like hunting Hogs as much as any hunter. Hog Hunting is actually a big business. For that reason Hog eradication is not a popular idea unless you are a land owner/Rancher,Farmer.

I have studied Hog Control and follow the USDA progress with hog control/suppression trapping and poison research. Secondary contamination that can hurt the environment is the main concern. IMHO Hog eradication/suppression is very possible.

The Difference between hunting and controlling/suppressing hogs is the time spend. A week end Hunters can find a hog quickly and some Hogs will come to bait fairly easy. Bang a hunter get his hog and is off to the BBQ. Of course the rest of the Sounder gets away. To eradicate the hog population you must contain the whole Sounder before spring your trap. This takes time and with modern technology, Digital cameras can be done remotely. BTW It is costly. However Hogs do Millions of dollar damage to agricultural each year, so control is a viable opposition.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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