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Not that I will convince anyone because I know that for many .... the consensus is in .... but I declare the Well Light with a glass lens cover of which I supply for many markets but I also sell MRs has much better thermal management. If I may ... how many 10w MRs are we putting in enclosed bullets? The heat sink on a par is mainly form factor. It is over kill in many cases, a 20 w LED could be used with the same design. An LED MR-16 is mainly designed for interior use. Requiring airflow. The circuitry may not even last as long as the LED Diode itself. Even if completely covered in mulch and with the glass lens...the Well is a new fixture that deserves consideration. We are looking at a 17w currently and have thermal tests with it in an enclosed brass PAR 36 holder.... If the LEDs are designed properly, often they are IP 67 for temporary underwater use up to 3' and some will meet the IP 68 standard for permanent submersible. Here's a pic .. food for thought ..
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