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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
Well….yes and no.

You have admit in certain geographical areas, the industry is just plain saturated to death…

Nation wide, there is more work than you (or anyone) cant do, and I have said that before.

Trying to run everyone out of business with a shotgun is semi nonsensical.
You just can't do it all by yourself (although even I try to chase a few companies off from time to time)

IF there was only one company in your area, and you had the market all to yourself, guess what else wouldn't be there?
No multiple dealers to choose from, no fertilizer/plant material dealer…etc etc.

Competition is good, an healthy for economy.

Plus, anytime you get a PIA customer…it's always helpful to have a competitor you can't stand to refer them to. (I also like to send all the employees I fire to them as well)
So so true. Nail on the head.

Trying to chase off competition is a fruitless effort. Every year there's new guys in the area, doing whatever they're doing. I actually enjoy it, because I was taught by the absolute best, and there's nothing more gratifying than doing work that's on a whole other level than your direct competition.

If my direct competition did better work than me I wouldn't have their customers calling me for install jobs. Who cares.
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