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Originally Posted by whiffyspark View Post
I hate npr cabs. Yes they are incredibly maneuverable and lightweight. But they scare me in crashes
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We just added a full crew npr Isuzu with toolbox and 14'

dump... The truck is enormously long.... Feels really top heavy when loaded with mulch or whatnot... Also we made a big mistake the first day we had it.

So the bottom of the dump bed is some type of opaque white material (maybe a heavy duty plastic?) we put 2 pallets of rock salt in the dump and my guy left.... First curve the pallets slid on that bottom to one side of the truck and hit the side.. We are talking about 5,000 pounds here and the truck popped to the side wheels and almost rolled over. Totally our fault for not strapping them, but a pallet on any of our other dumps would not have slid. Just letting you know so it doesn't happen to anyone else!
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