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NO NO NO to cordless or electric saws. The one you posted a link to, $250??? Rip off. The only advantage to an electric over gas is noise. All other things considered, gas wins. Better longevity, more torque, can use it in the rain and snow, isn't limited by battery life or cord length (I assume you already have gas with you if you're mowing?) and with a brand name, most likely locally sold and serviced, replacement parts are a breeze if needed. I highly reccomend the Stihl 017, comes with a 16" bar ( I reccomend dropping it to a 12") and costs $180 from your local Stihl dealer or online. I run mine every day and it never quits. It's small, light wieight and powerful. The one trick to chainsaws is to keep the chain sharp. The biggest saw around will do you no good if the chain is dull. Replacement chains for the 12" bar (I changed mine) is around $14 and they can be resharpened many times. Go gas, you'll have it for a very long time.
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