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Originally Posted by tthomass View Post
Everything is soaking wet and we haven't had a chance to do much of anything. We are very behind on maintenance because of the weather so everyone will be mulching like crazy in the near future. I'm also being more selective about the design/build work. Not really taking on or going after it hard until I get a design/architect on staff to help because I simply don't have enough of "me" to go around to everybody. has the boxes and fenders + chains etc. Make sure the order reads exactly what you want because they've messed up my orders in the past but they did correct them. My boxes are 2x2x6 on all 3 roll off trucks, including the Lo-pro International. I want to say aluminum with a polished stainless door was about $800 + brackets. Not cheap but they look good. Make sure you don't get polished aluminum, it's pointless and will not stay polished.

New truck is here in 2 weeks or less
Thanks. How are the protech boxes holding up? Do you have any recent pictures of them on your older trucks? I was actually looking at the Bawer all polished stainless seen here
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