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Originally Posted by TheSandman View Post
So this is my situation. As of two and a half years ago I had been cutting lawns in my neighborhood driving my tractor to get to them. i know i know… Two years ago I got my first truck and got onto a professional landscape crew and learned a shitload. Still drove my truck around. This past year in march i bought a 60" zero turn and 16' trailer. I had begun subcontracting for the company that i originally started with. they have good priced lawns and i would just cut them for them and they didn't charge me for them to bill them such and such. this winter, i made a legit LLC, i will be getting a bank account and all that fun stuff. when it comes to insurance what would you guys suggest? I'm currently trying to sell my truck to get a duramax. my truck is under my families plan just so its cheaper for me to pay. say i do get a duramax (around 28k) would it be better to put the vehicle in the company name or back under my family insurance so its cheaper and just claim it as my work vehicle? i know if under the family plan i could make .55 cents a mile tax claimable on it.But what happens if i get into an accident while using the vehicle to tow my company insured trailer when my truck is insured by my mom essentially? What do you guys think I should do? Pretty much I need business insurance to cut lawns, mulch, and other stuff like that and maybe will be putting the duramax on the company insurance.

99% of the time the only way you need to insure under your business is if you have employees and they are driving it.

It doesn't matter if you have it insured under personal or business. If you are driving it then its covered.
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