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Originally Posted by LazyWeekends View Post
With the rock underneath, how comfortable is it to walk or play on?
You'd think that wouldn't be very soft, with a hard aggregate base. But it is. It's very nice to walk and play on. Almost all synthetic turf applications are done this way. Sports fields, dog parks, commercial settings (like Wynn Casino, mentioned above). It's the turf itself that makes it feel soft. You're not standing on the aggregate. You're standing on the blades of turf. It cushions your step. Feels good.

There are some things you can install to make it even more buoyant. For instance, you can install a trample pad underneath. But we normally wouldn't do that unless it was being used in a playground. You can also install Infill, which they often do in sports fields. That helps make the hard landings a little softer.

But generally speaking, you don't have to add anything. It already feels good just because the grass blades give it a nice soft feel.
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