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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
For those with power/pro lockers could you post a pic of your machine loaded?

I got one in the other day although not sure the model(got the one that fits 16-20" wheels). Ordered it from another site after someone showed the power locker. It's actually a power locker on the box and paper work. I noticed that the power locker site mentions lt rich in their model descriptions.

I did a test fit without anchoring the locker. I'm worried that the front wheel "forks" will hit and rub the power locker sides. It appears mine is t wide enough to go on the outside of both forks. Did you just pull your locker apart more? Did I get one too small?

I'm wondering it I need to order another one or make the current one work.
Not sure if anyone sent you any pictures of the power lock. Sad to say I just got the machine out today. Might start next week. Hope this helps. It worked great for me last year. Great time.
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