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Originally Posted by GVL LLC View Post
using fabric is a waste of time and money. The mulch just breaks down into soil and the weeds grow on top. I only use fabric when trying to keep two materials seperate like stone and soil behind a wall or if Im putting down crushed stone.
Its not waste of time or money If you are in a area where you have termites when that mulch gets to break down point it will hold termites
I seen this first hand. So with cloth keeps the mulch from breaking down and if you remove old mulch and apply new add weed preventer good to go another 3 years

The problem most people have they never want to clean out old mulch .
Its all about the price not the service.
One reason I don't do much mulch work anymore. I bid to remove old mulch and install new Cost more, I bid against people that just add mulch no removal. So who you think wins
And what happen like on trees people add and add before you know it its 6''-8'' on the trunk of tree and stunts the growth of the tree.
If the beds are treated right each spring you wont have any weeds growing on the cloth.
Why I like rock beds its cheaper in long run
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