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Originally Posted by Valk View Post
What kinds of work are you primarily doing while wearing your boots?
Riding a Z? Operating a WB? A lil of everything?

Dealing with rain/dew/moisture while working on uneven terrain?

I prefer a ventilated mid-top hiker with Goretex. These breathe well while resisting external moisture. Hikers in general deliver impressive traction & stability for operating a WB/trimmer/blower on slippery slopes. So far, from all the brands I've tried over the years, I like Vasque Breeze GTX the best for comfort and performance.
That looks exactly like what I'm looking for! I don't like boots that carry a lot of bulk above the ankle, that bulk seems to only serve as a place to funnel debris into the boot and give the feeling of a less supported ankle. I had a pair of Vasques many years ago and they make a very high quality boot, unfortunately there isn't a very good selection around here and I ended up with some Merrells that aren't exactly what I'm looking for, but still a good shoe. What I like about the hikers over typical work boots is your foot tends to come down flatter with better ground contact than a heeled work boot, really protects those ankles. My feet feel better after a day in hikers than they do in regular work boots too.
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