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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
Nope. I know you're an Aussie, but I hated that they played regular season ball in AU. Especially for their opening series. I also don't like when the NFL plays in England. Exhibition games, preseason, post World Series - great. I know MLB used to send a bunch of top names over to Japan after the World Series for 5-10 games against Japan teams. But regular season games should be here, in the teams own home ball parks, in front of the fans that root for them day in and day out.

BTW - I got to see my first rugby game in Feb when I visited NZ. Loved it!!
Fair call. I hate it when my football team plays somewhere else. They spent millions converting the SCG into a baseball field, and just last weekend they played a Rugby League match there so the groundsman did very well.

Kiwis are insane about their Rugby Union! In Oz Rugby League has a much bigger following than Rugby Union. I love league, union just bores me. They do a lot more kicking and have scrums/mauls in Union. League is a lot more flowing
These are some NRL highlights from last year.

I will let you know when Rugby League state of origin is on. It is three games between Queensland and New South Wales. They are the biggest league games of the year along with the NRL grand final.
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