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Originally Posted by Bryan27 View Post
I don't like boots that carry a lot of bulk above the ankle, that bulk seems to only serve as a place to funnel debris into the boot and give the feeling of a less supported ankle. I had a pair of Vasques many years ago and they make a very high quality boot...
What I like about the hikers over typical work boots is your foot tends to come down flatter with better ground contact than a heeled work boot, really protects those ankles. My feet feel better after a day in hikers than they do in regular work boots too.
Those are all good points about quality footwear for our line of work.

While I can't say that Vasque Breeze don't allow debris in from the top, I can say they're better than other brands I've tried. AND, they're cooler than other important quality I've come to appreciate.

Bryan27, if you ever get yourself a pair of Breeze I'd love to hear your review: for better or worse.

Anymore, I order my boots online, and if you're unable to try them on first to find your size in a particular model/brand...I'll recommend finding your "Euro size" and cross-correlate w/in your desired model/brand. I've rarely been let down with this method. Kudos to for how they operate their I use them 90%+ of the time and usually save 25-30% off of retail by waiting for their best sales.
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