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I just used some Pennington seed, looks like Fescue haha. That's definitely not what our lawn is however. I just put the seed around our curve on the culda-sack. The city owns the curb area and never takes care of it. I'm now mowing everyone within the next five houses of us, so I couldn't have everything on this part of the street looking good and skip the curb area. They also had two tree's, which also blocked sunlight of our lawn. They were hanging down over our fence line and lawn and over the cities area. I went ahead and trimmed them up good with the chain saw, now we're getting some good sunshine! I been meaning to post pictures, I just been so busy and haven't got around too it.

About three weeks after the first compost and the yard was looking much, much better. I composted again today and put down a 1/4" mix in the middle area to level up the lawn. It's by far not level, but I'm going to apply a mix every 2-4 weeks depending on growth at a .25 application each time and hopefully get it level around summer time. I decided I'm going to go light on the fertilizer this year. I'm going to still feed it, just on a light dosage each month. I plan to compost every single month, I want to see how nice I can get this Zoysia looking. It may be an over kill, but I'm going to give it a go around. If not every 30 days, it will be composted every 45 days. Today I used Turkey Compost, still don't have an analysis, but it looked much darker and smelled much better. Here's a shot three weeks after the first composting. You can see the new Turkey compost spread on the lawn as I just did a few hours ago!

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