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I'm hoping to get it completely level by summer time and then I will begin reel mowing at less than an 1". I'm at 1.5" right now. I sharpen the blade before every single cut. Mulch mow every other cut, and bag every other cut. I had an issue with Dallasgrass, I don't know if it was from the City Waste Compost, but it came up pretty heavy after using it. I decided to go with more expensive compost this time, which appeared MUCH nicer. I planned to follow the advice from greendoc, with the paint brush and round up. But I steered away from the use of Chemicals. I dug up the Dallas Grass by the bottom of the roots and underneath that several inches and then cut plugs from the back lawn and placed them where I dug up the weeds after spreading the compost. Our PH is a little bit on the high side, on my fertilization plan for the year, I'm planing on spoon feeding with a light dosage of ammonia sulfate and a slow release balanced sulfur biased fertilizer. However, I think the compost will help neutralize the PH and will certainly do some wonders for our poor soil structures around our area.

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