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Originally Posted by M&L View Post
Powerwise, The Exmark 30 acts like a similarly powered 21"

A 15" blade cuts a path roughly 180sq in, 2 15" blades cuts roughly 360sq in.

A 21" blade covers about 350 sq in. The outer diameter of a circle adds up fast.

While the Exmark's blades total width is greater than a 21", their outward reach is greatly reduced.

If a 21 will bog, the 30 will bog, if a 21 will take it full speed, so will the 30. They put a lot of thought into the size of these mowers
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I have remarks 21/26 and 30-I love all of them. The 21 is usable under all conditions. The 26 is usable in almost all conditions. The 30 has limitations but, when you work it within its limitations you cannot beat it. I think the power curve of the 30 would be well served by a set of gators. One thing your math doesn't take into account is the fact that the blade cut on a 30 extends beyond the path of the wheels-not so on a 21 or 26.
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