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Update Update Update

Ok I replaced the coils and get spark on both sides. QUESTION: Why when at low throttle does the engine die when I pull the spark boot on one side, but will stay running when I pull the other side????
QUESTION: This does not happen when at full throttle, (I can pull either side and it stays running)???

It runs like it missing and backfires like a dragster. QUESTION: With the air filter off and me putting me four fingers over the carb opening(leaving little room for air) it will smooth out. Why is this??? Does it have something to do with the carb be externally or internally vented? Do I need a new air filter or can I some how clog the air filter that I have now with say 3 PRE-FILTERS????

Please Advise, looking for the big 4: Resto, piston, bigfish, or any mower mech.

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