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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
Your comments and intents don't paint a pretty picture for perspective clients if you follow through and get arrested for a multitude of crimes.

You really need to think this through and seek legal advice. Been in your position and don't envy you, best of luck.
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I was given 1/2 a week ago and should be getting the other half tomorrow. Not really worried about what others may think and not worried about going to jail as it would never happen. I talked to the grading inspector and told him about it and he said do what ever you need to do , its your fence.I told his real estate agent that I was going to put a judgment against the property and she wouldn't be able to settle it . As far as what future clients may think, they will think they need to pay their bills because we wont play games with those who don't. I feel that giving them 5 months to pay was being nice enough.
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