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Originally Posted by Marek View Post
I was given 1/2 a week ago and should be getting the other half tomorrow. Not really worried about what others may think and not worried about going to jail as it would never happen. I talked to the grading inspector and told him about it and he said do what ever you need to do , its your fence.I told his real estate agent that I was going to put a judgment against the property and she wouldn't be able to settle it . As far as what future clients may think, they will think they need to pay their bills because we wont play games with those who don't. I feel that giving them 5 months to pay was being nice enough.
I know first hand that you cannot remove an article that has been installed. Cars, trucks, tv's etc can be removed or repoed as they're not.

You installed the fence, it's their property regardless of whether they paid you or not. Threatening the realtor and complaining to the inspector (who's not a cop) was childlike, you're supposed to be a professional, act like one.

File your pre-liens and liens like you're supposed to and you'll have a legal leg to stand on. Don't and take your chances.

If you had pulled the fence down you would have been the person liable for the penalties the EPA would levy, not the owner. If the owner didn't have you arrested the EPA could have. It's a different world, you have to work smart.

A smart owner could have your butt in court for a long time, hope you get your other 1/2 and a better grip on your temper.
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