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So I went to that customers house today and here's the deal There are several little patches of his yard that he wants me to dethatch. Which ill probably just do with a dethatching rake since there so small of areas. I measured all the beds for mulch it measures at just over 10,000 square feet last year they used brown mulch and looks like its 1.5 inches deep. He wants black mulch this year so I figured I would just turn the existing mulch and apply an inch thick layer of new black mulch so if my calculations are right I figure I need 30 yards of mulch which is what he thought they installed last year. He also wants the front 3 beds about 4000 square feet edged which ill also have to do that by hand due to possible irrigation lines and small area. He also wants all the beds cleaned up (10,000 sqft) there's a good amount of weeds, the normal sticks and debris and a good amount of leaves in all the beds, he has woods in his back and side yard so I can blow all the leaves into the woods. So now I'm even more undecided on what I want to or should do. I'm unsure exactly on pricing black mulch in my area is $30 a yard plus $175 delivery fee so that's $1175 in mulch I figured about 70-80 a yard installed so the total with material and labor would be some were between 2,100 - 2400 for the mulch. I figure one person can do about a yard an hour so the mulching job should take me around 30-35 hours. I'm unsure how to figure out the dethatching and bed clean ups prices I'm not sure what to charge and hour 50 dollars or 60 dollars and I'm unsure how many hours this will take me due to I have never a job this big. Ide like to hear back from people is this job to big for a part time solo operation ?
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