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I'm waiting to see how the lawn reacts to this new Turkey Compost. I will take a photo after 10-14 days. The City Waste Compost I used didn't seem near as bad as what you guys used. Defiantly no rubbers un-wanted stuff in view in the compost. It actually appeared like compost, just a little bit lighter in color than I wanted. As far as smell, it didn't stink at all. Actually smelled good. The new Turkey Compost I used this week had almost a dark black color and smelled like winter fresh air. I think from now on I will be using the more expensive Turkey Compost throughout the year. I got it booked on my schedule for every 7th of the month I'm going to be putting down a .25" layer. I would love to hear someone first hand that actually compost their lawn at least 3-4 times a year.
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