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Originally Posted by TTS View Post
One of the more experienced guys can correct me if I'm wrong but drainage through the wall is a perk of mortarless construction but its not meant to be the only drainage. Especially with inadequate backfill. With little or no backfill the dirt/mud on the back of the wall fills the gaps and basically turns into its own mortar creating a solid wall with little to no flow through so all water pressure behind the wall pushes directly against it. With appropriate backfill the stones filter the dirt while allowing water to pass through. Still with heavy water runoff you can have issues trying to push that much water through the wall. I don't know where you're located but in my area this time of year is big for these issues. Theyre already a bit off from frost then as the snow rapidly melts mixed with a bit of rain they will tip right over.
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You're right.

Depending on height and soil may need more drainage
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