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FS: ECHO PAS-266 Plus attachments near Philadelphia (almost new)

I have an almost new ECHO PAS-266 and attachments for sale. I am located near Philadelphia. I wouldn't mind driving an hour or so to meet you. I think shipping all of this would be a huge pain though so I'd rather avoid that.

What I have:
- ECHO PAS - 266 ($300 msrp)
- Speed Feed Rapid Trimmer ($70 msrp)
- Straight Shaft Edger ($140 msrp)
- Articulating Head Hedge Trimmer ($280 msrp)

I will email pics for anyone interested.

I bought these in November 2012. I am a home owner (not a business) so I basically used the PAS-266 maybe 4-6 times a month for less than an hour each time. So my guess is it has about 30 hours or less on it. The Hedge Trimmer was never used (impulse buy hah). I think I may have ran it for a few seconds to make sure it worked?

I also just got it professionally serviced a few days ago and I have the receipt to prove it's in perfect working shape. I always used the right gas/oil ratios and never did anything dumb with the machine. There are no scratches / dings on the PAS-266. The Edger blade has hit the curb and made a few sparks (hah...not a pro like I said) but I doubt it needs replacement for a long time. And like I said the Hedge Trimmer never saw any use.

I'm not sure how these hold their value but since I probably paid about $835 (with tax) and just paid $70 for the service...

How's $500 sound for the lot? And like I said, I'll drive an hour or so to meet you anywhere near Philly to avoid shipping all of this.

Thanks for looking.
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