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Originally Posted by cmo View Post
So because I make $3 a min. Doing PC I should try and make that mowing? I charge that much because that's what the market calls for where I'm located. I have no idea why you would assume I'm push mowing. Also as far as Orkin goes I worked for the only PC company that grosses more than Orkin yearly and I know many people that work for Orkin I can tell you $35 an hour is laughable your paid a percentage of your days production. The only way Orkin can pay out that much is when you have an extremely condensed route, with high production rates.
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The $35 an hour is what I'm talking about as a benefits package yourself employment tax is15 % plus other taxes this is the cost per employee and you are an employee. So your market will only sustain 15 to 18$ for a lawn ?
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