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Originally Posted by cmo View Post
Yep that's what I charge $15 a yard! Haha man I'm solo I take my time and make sure I do it right. I have a commercial zero turn, commercial WB. Husky BP blower and echo handhelds. Why do you invest so much time trying to make a random guy on a forum feel bad. I started out my original post by stating I make an insane amount of profit from doing pest control so in return I'm not trying to gouge a person I'm mowing for. I see no problem pulling up to house at 8 TAKING MY TIME leaving at 10 and getting a check for 70 or 80 dollars.
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You stated that 35 an hour was your target if you cut a lawn and a half an hour at a $35 an hour rate thats 17.50$ i'm not trying to make you feel bad but you understand what trying to make a living at this But understand you have to be sustainable and $35 an hour for an operator is not sustainable
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