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Stihl FS80 carb identification

I have a FS80 from about 2004 that hasn't run in years. I sold my landscape business several years ago and kept this trimmer in case I needed it one day. A couple of years ago I had a local shadetree mechanic look at this trimmer and he couldn't get it to run. I decided to see what I could do and was going to start with a carb rebuild. The problem I'm having is the carb says Zama S69A, but I can't find the S69A listed anywhere for the FS80. None of the FS80 Zama rebuild kits mention S69A and the Zama website says the carb was for a Stihl 4137 emu trimmer. I hate to be pessimistic but when I saw this I thought maybe the mechanic put the wrong carb back on my trimmer. I hope that's not the case and I'm just not looking for info in the right place. Any thoughts? I didn't find S69A anywhere on a lawnsite search.
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