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Sustainable Landscaping- Lawn Alternatives

Anyone here have any experience? It may lead to less mowing and maintenace, but it is a much better for the enviroment and it is very attractive. The benefits are endless- watershed friendly due to less fertilizer and water, drought tolerant, easy to live with ect.- I feel like it represents a huge business oppurtunity if marketed as a source of benefit for your client. The basis is cutting down on lawn area and replacing with native grasses and perennials that require much less watering, mowing, and fertilizing. I will be starting up my business based on a sustainable plan after I get some more schooling/experience under my belt. I currently operate a nursery/organic vegetable garden in my backyard for my own benefit as well as having several fruit trees I organically treat. I will be marketing 'food not lawns', organic lawn maintenace, traditional maintenace, watershed-friendly service, and water harvesting systems. I am considering lawn alternative design and install but there doesn't seem to be anyone else doing it. Might be good money in this niche market!
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