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Originally Posted by Jcl4slc View Post
1000 cash is the very least I would bid. My thoughts is, he knows your inexperienced and wants cheap labor.
I was saying 150 200$ for the other elm tree job that took me. No way anyone would pay 750 for that little 3 hr job. I was thinking about 750 for the tall willows. Whatever i just wanted to get a ideas what ppl would charge for all them willows. Seeing i dont cut trees full time. I do commercial asphalt. Some of you guys act like cutting these trees down is crazy hard and im unexpericend. Lol ive been cutting trees for many many years. I think if had my time in the woods and what not. And no hes not trying to get away with cheap labor he owns his own private jet and 2 houses in california i do all of his side work and snow removal. Just wanted some imput but nvm i got it
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