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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
I drove by today since I was in the area. Just wanted to see the property in person. I saw a woman out in the yard with a leaf rake. Looked younger than I had imagined. Then I saw the 15' steep slope with a fence RIGHT at the bottom that ran along the side of the house. What a nightmare to cut a slope with a fence at the bottom. Oh, and the lawn looked like it needed cut. I'm sure she would say it doesn't, but give it another week and it will be a mess to cut.
Glad I missed out on this one even more now.

You'd be surprised how many will give you high praise in person, yet neglect to ever give a review even after having found you on Angie's List and seeing all of your other good reviews.

It's human nature to put more effort into complaining than giving a compliment. You can't expect that they will give you a good review on their own - some need a gentle reminder.

I'd never give my clients info to AL though. I'd feel like crap for having them get a sales pitch to join AL.
100% true !

another weird thing that would happen ppl would call for work and thru conversation I knew they got my info from AL but would never admit it. strange
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