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Originally Posted by The Sod Father Lawn Care View Post
Here is the issue on low ball bids. Why is it called a low ball bid when you are a one man operating the business. 76 year old Helen is not going to pay "Joe blow lawn care" 600 bucks to a crew who can do the job in 60 minutes. She doesn't care bout your thousand dollar set up or the big ford pulling it. She only wants a good job for a fair price. Some people don't have the big overhead costs like myself. I don't mow way to many people doing it. Just because someone is in debt don't hide the costs in your estimate to her. That's not low balling. People use that all the time on this site. I've been doing this 16 years and I charge 50 an hour x estimate on how long it will take. You see companies with 8000 dollar mowers cutting in the morning when the grass is usually wet from the dew. Dull ass blades and cutting way to low. His 7 dollar an hour helpers meanwhile are waving a 400 trimmer like Jason Vorhees digging up the dirt. Then 6 minutes later on to the next catastrophe all day long. The point is if your just starting out do what you know and don't be in debt to 30k for equipment. Smaller trailer smaller truck Helen could care less. All she wanted was for the leaves to get picked up today. She never cared bout 1 guy doing it or 8. She cares bout price.
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I wanted to comment on a few things you stated. Take a look at the big outfits n your area. 30,000 is a very low estimate to what most are pulling. Our time is worth money and I believe my time is worth much more than min wage and if Hellen doesn't want to pay for my labor then I politely move on. I can earn over 20 an hr in the job world and with the benefits pkg it takes it we'll over thirty and that's with no liability. So I believe we should be compensated for the liability as well. So in the scheme of things a dollar a min is not really all that much. Last year mulch was bringing 70 to 90 plus a yard and if don't think that's really great money for the work that goes into it. I try to be fair and exceed there expectations. As you put more and more time into this you tend to drift away from lower income neighborhoods and seek out people willing to pay you what your worth .
If you pay a guy 7$ an hr know that's the work you will get in return like the old saying goes "if you pay peanuts you are going to get monkeys". The most expensive employee is I cheap one. Peace brother..
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