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On most of my Exmarks, I swap my "maintenance free" spindles every year so I don't have to screw with them in the middle of the growing season. Cheap insurance.

I think I have that Triton deck. Unfortunately.

How about that awesome Toro\Exmark deck with the adjustable baffle that for the life of me I can't figure out what it's purpose is. I had a demo once and was cutting cork dry green grass and it kept clumping up on me. Went over it 3x and it was still clumped. Finally figured out the baffle was in the "closed" position or whatever you call it. Opened it up, went over it 1 more time and it was gone. I always tell my sales reps that it has to be the stupidest idea on a mower deck someone could come up with. I want my discharge as large as possible ALL the time. Unless I am going by a building\bed\whatever, then I will use an OCDC or vary my mowing pattern.
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