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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
Used Toro Workman (gas) Machine


Used John Deere Gator 4x6 (gas) Machine???

I am wanting to get one of these machines to load a compost tea sprayer in the back. The sprayer, hose, engine, boom attachment, with a full 100 gallons of compost tea would weight around 1600 pounds.

I know the Toro Workman could handle it, the John Deere Gator I think can only handle 1500 pounds (so I won't fill it up all the way).

Does anyone have any knowledge on either machines? Both machines are priced in the same area.

I have a Toro and John Deere Dealers around the parts should not be a problems.

Thanks for your help!!!!

I think a Polaris 6x is far superior to the two you have chosen, and will pull or push with all 6 wheels when necessary, and carry all you can fit in the bed, with a hydraulic elec lift...Tony
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