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Originally Posted by M&L View Post

Aint that the truth. There is a place around here that has free mulch. The wood part looks nice, but Its like a 60/40 blend of hiway mulch with McDonalds cups and cigarette butts.

Really, instead of trying to save this project, I'd recomend learning from it. Time different areas even. Set a good per yard price for mulch and deco barks, then learn how long it takes to clear flowerbeds depending on how bad they are. Bid the next job and make money.

IMO, The bags suck for any kind of volume
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A company here learned the hard way about Free mulch from the dump. He was sued by his customer for bringing in termites. I had go remove it 2 days after he installed it and it was full termites I set it on fire. The pest guy sprayed all the beds then I installed rock and installed termite traps
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