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Sweeping Lots

This year started to offer Lot sweeping more where the snow piles was at.

Not really the whole lot
In my town only one guy has a Lot sweeper Truck type

So far I have done 20 lots some was my own lots I plow snow on but some was on other guys lots I made about 4500 so far

I'm doing good making my hourly rate + little more
I keep getting them so its got me thinking maybe I'm pricing to cheap
Mine is a one visit price. I do know the other guy selling year contacts
and that might be the reason
Renting a Broom Bucket for my skid just wish it had the curb broom. I have one guy walking ahead of me with a blower

My question is, What do most guys charge to sweep a lot ? you can send me a PM.

If I can push more of this type of work for next spring I may just buy me a sweeper with a curb broom
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