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Originally Posted by lawn king View Post
...Here in the northeast many dealers are dumping new holland. Everyone wants a kubota or a jd.
Ah yes, the power of modern marketing. I have to give a nod to both JD and 'bota in that respect, but advertising strategy does not mean the products are inherently superior. Are they very capable and well supported? Sure, but not necessarily better.

It's been a number of years since I made any in-depth comparison of CUTS, and the players in that market have changed, but if you have an Massey Ferguson dealer around, I think their machines deserve consideration. I had pretty much decided on an MF for at that time, it was the clear winner in a spec-to-spec comparison, but personal situation changed resulting in no purchase at all.

Since NH CUTs are rebadged, another option might be to go directly to LS. Again, local dealer availability may be a consideration.

If you are set on getting either of the machines you mentioned, go with the dealer the "fits" you best. If limited to NH and Kubota, I'd go NH for my local dealer alone. I've dealt with them in the past (they are also DC dealer) and found them to be among the best in customer service and price. Around here, there two independent Kubota dealers covering 3 counties, but my experiences with them were extremely less than pleasant. Both had an attitude that if you didn't buy a 'bota, you were a total idiot. One even told me to come back when I was serious about buying.

Good luck...

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