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Originally Posted by nosaj2189 View Post
Having some difficulty on which mowers would be best suited for my land. It is 2 acres with 1 acre on a slight hill and the other is a steep hill with trees. Most of the land is a bit rough and have had problems with weaker decks. Would like to upgrade to a zero turn and price limit is 6500.
The nearby dealers are John deere, ferris, scag, gravely, and cub cadet.
The one I checked out was the John deere z655 since it is the closest to home before I left for a week. But since I've been looking at reviews on here is really when I started looking at other dealers. Couple that caught my eye are the gravely pro - turns and ferris 700 (not sure on price of ferris)
Any help would be appreciated!
You stated you have a steep hill. This could be a problem with a zturn. Do a quick search on zturns and hills if you haven't already thought about it.

As far as the machines you have included I like Scag. Wish I could afford one =\
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