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Originally Posted by Kenb2920 View Post
I cracked the bracket on my plow, so that needs to be fixed and put away. (probably fix it at the end of summer). I put my snowblower away for the season. Techinically, I still have my plow on my quad but I am done for the season. I don't plow snow accept for my sub and with everything there being no pile, there is no snow to "relocate" with the tractor.

Hopefully no salt was needed today, I think guys are ready to put the season behind them and move ahead towards "GRASS" I know I am excited. First year I am really jumping back into it.

I dont have a personal facebook account and often give her a hard time about her account. She just looked at me as I type "And you think facebook is bad". Summer, I usually don't sit still.
I think we all broke so much this winter. I know my one sub broke 3 plows in one night lol When we got burried in 18 inches of fresh snow and 2-3ft drifts snow the one night my property management called and asked why I was late. Oh just no reason, I am just screwing around in the snow..... I think I said something to the effect that we are having a hard enough time getting to your locations let alone plowing them.
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