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Zeo- between the steps is irregular blue stone.

Pic- I would of liked bluestone caps also, but the client wanted something to tie the wall to the house. And the house has a lot of limestone details and accents.

We couldn't use the house stone on the landscape walls. The house is a full size veneer stone. It comes rough. When I say rough it has to be cut on 4 sides and the face has to be textured. We are using it for the patio walls and I am not looking forward to it.

I hire out 90% of the trucking. I can call and get as many tandems as I want for $90 a hour. Or the quarry hauls the stone if its only a load or 2. I really don't want to buy a tandem. I even sold my 33k gvw truck since its cheaper to hire. I just have my under cdl international but only pick up a yard or 2 of sand with it and use it for stuff like that.
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