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Originally Posted by Kenb2920 View Post
You got a good laugh out of me. That is one thing I didnt miss about plowing. The last snow flake falls and people call. In your situation when things break and it puts you behind just a bit, "some" people dont seem to understand. I have only done this work as side pizza money but still like having backup equipment. I ran 2 truck (jeep and GMC3500 (truck and a half we shall say) and when things got bad, I brought on a driver. Of course when things get bad, things break. That still left me hanging. It was still a fun year (a few years back).
I had 2 subs for 4 locations a hr form me. Then I have a 93 chevy 1 ton dully, and a 92 f250. I broke my transfer case almost clean in half trying to get myself unstuck and grenaded my ford front differential in the same week.. then I hired on another sub to take the route and I split it with another guy thinking he would break down...... he did, busted a yoke on the front axle and had the other guy finish up in the morning. Here are my 2 friends attempting to pull me back onto clear ground. When i broke the case. The one is a 1 ton, the military truck is a 1 1/4 ton and both had rear tire chains on and they had a heck of a time pulling me out. My dully weighed 10k in the pic, when I load the bins on the back clear full it weighed 14k and change. My ford is feather weight compared to the chevy but it will get a front locker when I am done fixing it

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