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Originally Posted by AEL View Post
Seems to cheap to me . I don't know the size of your lots but I would hope after doing 20 of them that you had a brand new broom pretty much paid for ...
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That what I gross not net
I rented the broom bucket used it for 2 days that was 400
15 hrs on skid with me in it and 15 hrs on one guy with a blower

This 30 total hrs from the shop to each job then back to the shop

Rough figure I net 1000 give or take

Then I sold the load to a guy for $75 bucks. That was funny part guy came up to me ask me what I was going do with all that. I told him spread out it on my gravel lot. The he said he give me $75 for it I said sold about 5 ton I had a mix of chat dirt and 1'' gravel I was really going use it as a ditch filler.
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