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Originally Posted by Dr. Cornwallis View Post
I don't letter my truck because I like to target my accounts. I'm finding out that when I do mass advertising I get a lot of calls from junk clients. I also like to give my clients that "small business" vibe. Someone stated it earlier and it's true, one way I actually get clients is by not being that guy with two mowers and five employees hitting the ground all at once in a frenzy.
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I agree. Solo-Op here. I started this year, first year selling on quality. All of my customers love having an "English Speaking man in a Cowboy hat", trust me I done had several and I repeat several customers tell me that today. I'm also getting the impression that many of my customers also don't like having multiple people they don't know from a man on the moon on their property also. I try to keep it personal feeling with all of my customers. My customers, even new customers have gave me all the side work I could handle this year, and gave me all the new customers I could handle from word of mouth. As for the topic of this post, being my first year and a solo operator, I landed 60 customers as of last week, took the magnets off the truck and said I was done taking customers being solo, I feel that I had all I could handle, not to mention I have many, many side jobs lined up for any free time I have. Long story short, I took two customers today even though I said I was done. Reason, because one was a neighbor to the lawn I was doing. Lady walked up and asked me if I could make her lawn look just like her neighbors. That left me with a good feeling. Then another customer called from the same street that I already have six customers on, so I had to take that one. Now I can officially say I have all I can handle being solo and am DONE unless I get anymore "neighbor" customers. And my magnets are staying OFF of the truck. Too much work and I need to work rather than answering the phone.
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