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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
It ain't going to hurt you mower and if this is the first time you run into it in Texas you are lucky. Using RU or MSMA will leave an ugly sceen. Get 10 guys and dig it out if they are picky. Sounds like they don't care.

ed2hess, not the first time I ran into it in our area. In fact, I'm fighting it in my personal lawn as we speak. However, the lawn I'm speaking of is not a lawn, but rather a "Dallis Grass" field, literally. As for not hurting the mower, I have to disagree. The stuff grows faster than Rye grass on 10 lbs. of nitrogen. I don't know if you read my post, but I smoked a belt on my commercial in this tall stuff not long ago. I can only imagine how much strain it puts on the transmission. It may take years to break it down, but it's strain that the mower doesn't have to endure. I came up with a new solution for it, either the lawn gets treated or I don't mow it. It's that simple. I got enough work. Kind of like Green Doc said, about not mowing weeds. I have enough work to where I don't need to mow it, nor do I have too. I already gave her the option, it get's treated or I can't mow it.
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