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Originally Posted by JCLawn and more View Post
I had 2 subs for 4 locations a hr form me. Then I have a 93 chevy 1 ton dully, and a 92 f250. I broke my transfer case almost clean in half trying to get myself unstuck and grenaded my ford front differential in the same week.. then I hired on another sub to take the route and I split it with another guy thinking he would break down...... he did, busted a yoke on the front axle and had the other guy finish up in the morning. Here are my 2 friends attempting to pull me back onto clear ground. When i broke the case. The one is a 1 ton, the military truck is a 1 1/4 ton and both had rear tire chains on and they had a heck of a time pulling me out. My dully weighed 10k in the pic, when I load the bins on the back clear full it weighed 14k and change. My ford is feather weight compared to the chevy but it will get a front locker when I am done fixing it

Rough day there... As the minutes tick away, you see the dollar signs... I've had some interesting one myself. LOL, it is good to see in the heat of the moment you still were able to capture the incident.
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