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Originally Posted by PerfectEarth View Post
I do the same thing. And I'm also on my 5th or 6th rep. They change twice a year it seems. One girl "who is no longer with us" they say (LOL), would call me and say there was an 'issue' or problem with my account as a front, ONLY to bait me into a sales conversation. I recorded her voicemail once and sent it to their customer service with a scathing note attached.

Hope I didn't get her fired! oops
Heh, my second, or third guy would leave a message - "Mr OakNut, this is Jimmy Salesman here at Angie's List and I need to discuss your account - it is imperative that you give me a call before end of business today."

You'd think someone's life was on the line. All he wanted was to try and talk me into buying advertising - that was it.

Oh, and they KNOW when you've looked at your info online.
I was contacted several times after simply logging on to look around and maybe see if a new review had been posted. One of the reps even called and stated "I noticed you were browsing your profile yesterday and wanted to see if you had any questions." They probably track every movement you make as you browse your info. That really ticked me off a lot.
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