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Originally Posted by PicturePerfectLawns View Post
I agree. Solo-Op here. I started this year, first year selling on quality. All of my customers love having an "English Speaking man in a Cowboy hat", trust me I done had several and I repeat several customers tell me that today. I'm also getting the impression that many of my customers also don't like having multiple people they don't know from a man on the moon on their property also. I try to keep it personal feeling with all of my customers. My customers, even new customers have gave me all the side work I could handle this year, and gave me all the new customers I could handle from word of mouth. As for the topic of this post, being my first year and a solo operator, I landed 60 customers as of last week, took the magnets off the truck and said I was done taking customers being solo, I feel that I had all I could handle, not to mention I have many, many side jobs lined up for any free time I have. Long story short, I took two customers today even though I said I was done. Reason, because one was a neighbor to the lawn I was doing. Lady walked up and asked me if I could make her lawn look just like her neighbors. That left me with a good feeling. Then another customer called from the same street that I already have six customers on, so I had to take that one. Now I can officially say I have all I can handle being solo and am DONE unless I get anymore "neighbor" customers. And my magnets are staying OFF of the truck. Too much work and I need to work rather than answering the phone.
You bring up a good point. In my area, the companies with the matching vehicles, matching uniforms and all of that corporate, big operation show do something that does not sit well with many people. The person they talk to initially may be an American citizen that speaks English as their first language. Who comes into their property to do the work could not be further from the person they first talked to. Also, in these big operations or even in the small operations running a crew. There is no guarantee that the set of people is always the same. It means something when I can tell someone that I am the only person that sets foot in their lawn.
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