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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Doesn't stop weeds. Any seed on top of fabric will germinate. Pain in the butt when you go to remove a mulch layer. Even the heaviest stuff will breakdown over time.

Another flop/scam. Calling Zoysia low water, fert, maintenance wonder grass. Add Grassology to this list too.
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Seashore paspalum is another one. Can't control weeds in in. Must be mowed like a putting green or else. Don't tell me about salt to control weeds. The weeds that do grow here are because they are very salt tolerant.

Loss of Carbamates, OP's, and Kelthane.

Reel mowers running on rear wheels and front casters rather than rollers. That brilliant engineering idea makes a reel gouge and scalp just as much as a rotary mower.
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