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Don't want to rain on your parade, but my experience is that anything under 100 psi is marginal on a 2 stroke. I'm not sure about your particular unit, but lots of 2 strokes, even older ones, have 140 psi or so. An older Husky 225 a guy recently gave has 140 psi. Poulan 3400 saws run well but are considered low compression saws - ones built in the 1980s usually run 120-130 psi, today, 30 years later.
Putting oil in the cylinder is mostly a way of determining where the compression leakage is coming from, not fixing it. The compression increase when you added oil to the cylinder means you are losing compression past the rings.

I've had chainsaws and trimmers with compression around 90 psi which would fire with a shot of fuel, but they were hard to get running well.

I wish you luck, but wouldn't be surprised if you have trouble getting them running well. Please keep us posted on the results. I hope I'm wrong.
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