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Originally Posted by RyanA97 View Post
So I underestimated a mulch/yard cleanup job for this lady. I quoted her at $450 for 45 bags of mulch and the yard cleanup which involved bed prep and trimming about 30 feet of pampas grass. I already have 8 hrs in for the cleanup and still have to put down the mulch with a helper. Upon my many trips to the local dump, I noticed the mulch available for free to residents is nice quality double shredded. They make it at the dump. I've decided to save my self about $300 in bagged mulch and go with the free bulk stuff from the recycle center.
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Are you including 'many' trips to the dump in that 8 hours?

Boy, what they're saying is right, it hurts and it brought me to tears when I was new, but take it like a man and do what's right.
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